*Simonds Extended Learning Opportunities*

What are Simonds Extended Learning Opportunities (SELO)?

SELO are clubs offered after school from 3:30-4:30 for students in grade K-5.  There may or may not be a small fee to cover the cost of club materials.

Why are Simonds Extended Learning Opportunities (SELO) being offered?

Simonds Extended Learning OpportunIty (SELO) Clubs are offered to enrich our students’ learning beyond the wonderful experiences in the classroom.  Principal Davis had a vision of bringing the talents of adults from our community and their love for working with children to our school to give our students the opportunity to learn and grow in areas they may or may not be familiar with beyond the school day.  

Other information:

Students who participate in SELO Clubs are expected to adhere to the same expectations as during our school days.

Some clubs may require parent/adult chaperones in order for students to participate.  Please read Club descriptions carefully.

If you have a specific talent or interest that you would like to share with students in the future or would be interested in supervising a group of students during a Club that we would like to offer, please contact Principal Davis.