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Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Rachael Wenskay. I have been a part of the Lamphere family for nearly 22 years. My experience in the district includes working with pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade students as a classroom teacher, Title I Reading Specialist, and English Language Development Teacher/Coordinator. I have also had the privilege of holding leadership and facilitator positions at the district, county, and state levels. My focus has been on helping teachers learn and utilize best practices in teaching so they can help all students reach their full potential. As principal, it is my pleasure to serve our school community by fostering relationships between students, staff, parents/guardians, and the greater community.

At Simonds, we believe that learning should be joyful. We strive to provide a nurturing environment where children feel safe to take risks. In addition, our staff members have high expectations and utilize research-based teaching practices to help students develop the skills they need to become lifelong learners and leaders. 

If your child is currently enrolled at Simonds, I am grateful for the chance to be a partner in their educational experience. Please consider joining our Supporters of Simonds (SOS) Parent/Guardian group or volunteer at our many parent-sponsored events. SOS meeting dates and times are listed on our school calendar, while event details are provided through email or on the parent group’s private Facebook page. 

For families who are exploring Simonds as a potential school option for their child, please feel free to reach out through email at rachael.wenskay@lamphereschools.org or by phone at (248) 547-5292. You are welcome to ask me questions about Simonds or schedule a building tour.

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From all of us at Simonds Elementary, thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

Your partner in education,

Rachael Wenskay, M.Ed.

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Rachael Wenskay - Principal

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